About Us

What we offer:

Life Resource Referrals: For persons confronting difficult decisions on a life issue, SMRTL acts as a referral center to the many and varied life-affirming resources available in Sarasota and Manatee counties. Issues include pregnancy-related services and residential facilities, post-abortion counseling, stem cell treatments, etc.

Newsletters: We send e-mail informing members of developments regarding topics pertinent to life issues such as new legislation, court rulings, and undertakings on local levels.

Legislative Alerts: SMRTL provides information on pending legislation that will affect life issues so that citizens may communicate their concerns to their political representatives.

Candidate information: Prior to major elections, SMRTL helps identify candidates’ positions on life issues and makes this information available to interested voters to assist them in reaching informed decisions about candidates who will best serve the voters’ interests.

Education Booth: An information booth is available for county fairs, mall events and other public gatherings of civic groups. It includes electronic media, literature and fetal models to help in educating the public on life issues.

Speakers: Speakers on various life issues are available to make a presentation to an interested group or to participate in a public forum dealing with life issues.

Classroom Instruction: SMRTL will work with teachers in related subject areas such as human sexuality and human development to customize a presentation appropriate to the students’ ages.